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Urban World Film Festival

"The Urbanworld Film Festival, founded in 1997 by Stacy Spikes, is the largest internationally competitive festival of its kind, hosted in New York City. The five-day festival includes narrative and documentary features, short films, web originals, branded content, spotlight screenings and conversations, and live staged screenplay readings. Since its inception, Hollywood studios, indie film distributors, and established and emerging filmmakers have consistently chosen Urbanworld® to premiere box office and award-winning hits."

For young actors participating in film festivals, serves as an opportunity to showcase their talent on the big screen. Film festivals provide a platform for emerging actors to connect with industry professionals, fellow artists, and audiences eager to discover fresh voices. The exposure gained in this experience can be greatly transformative for a young actor's career, opening doors too exciting opportunities and establishing a solid foundation in the competitive world of filmmaking.

This year Moving Mountains film "Uneraseable" had its World Premiere on the Urban World Film Festival big screen.

Uneraseable follows the story of Torie. A bright student who is eager to make friends and fit in at her modern day high school. She's highly intelligent and for this reason Tammy, her classmate, invites her over to work on a group math project. What she didn't know was that Tammy has more than schoolwork planned. When they are joined by more of Tammy's friends Torie tries to stay focused, but the excitement of feeling included in a world where she's usually alone gets the better of her. Torie joins in the party, but she's not prepared for what happens next and she will never be able to forget it.

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