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Looking Forward To 2024

In the past year, we diligently pursued our ongoing mission to provide skills, talents and abilities to inner city youth. While making time to express gratitude for the consistent dedication of our staff, friends and major supporters who help in spreading awareness of Moving Mountains. We've extended our celebratory moments to the creative and talented minds that joined us in the past, and from these moments, built and fostered great ongoing relationships. From these moments, were even more excited for those faces, new and not so new, to join us again this year 2024. Ultimately bringing more supporters to share our overarching goal. To foster a safe space of creativity for artists of all ages in New York City. We eagerly anticipate commemorating these achievements with our staff, supporters, and donors once again.

As we are in production mode now. Casting is 95% complete for our High School Production. The performance chosen for this year for this year, titled "Enough," revolves around a young girl who becomes obsessive with lies on social media, recognizing its impact on people's persona, a fire is ignited, determined to expose the truth, only to find what happens when you fight fire with fire. As with every year, we are confident with this year's show. Following the success of last years film production, UNERASABLE directed by Dèon Ragin. We are proud to have 2 films now that premiered in Urban World Film Festival. As we eagerly anticipate going back on stage, theres no doubt presenting this years performance will be another dedicated experience, unerasable to our audience.

Our Annual Gala is serves as an evening dedicated to awareness, supported by key donors and featuring the presence of prominent advocates who have played pivotal roles in the continuation of our cause. Last years 15th Annual Moving Mountains Gala was Awesome! To say the least. It blossomed of hope, inspiration, and gratitude. Entertaining and hyped with performances that then settled with speeches that touched the heart, the event showed how Moving Mountains is doing and keeps doing incredible things that has proven to change lives of not only youth but everyone that participates. We couldn't be more excited to have such brilliant and powerful individuals joining us to reinforce our commitment to providing a safe haven for the flourishing futures of the next generation.

The plans and activities for this year's summer camp are set to build upon the success of the previous year, after immense support from our gala. We offered a diverse range of engaging experiences from outdoor adventures to creative workshops. Consisting our summer camp remains dedicated to keeping a safe and welcoming environment where every camper can freely express themselves. From sports to outdoor adventures, to arts and crafts, to music and so much more, our wide array of activities ensures an enriching experience. With dedicated counselors always available to assist campers in their journey of learning and growth, ultimately creating a memorable summer for all participants.

As we wrap up 2024, with all that is expecting, we finally hope to end another year with our holiday party, anticipating the presence of our amazing supporters once again. Last year participants reveled in holiday cheer with catering and coquitos. With delightfulness that spread across influential advocates, who continued in raising awareness, we aim to once again Move Mountains. We eagerly welcome all these brilliant and powerful moments while having new and innovative ones, as they unite us in demonstrating our commitment to providing a safe haven for our children and peers to thrive.


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