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The Wiz

Moving Mountain's drama classes are taught by professional working actors. The theatre team aims to instill skills and habits that can be applied in theatre, film, and television.  Focal points of our drama department include but are not limited to; character development through monologues, improvisation, scene study, script analysis, communication skills with the significance of commitment, ambition, teamwork, individuality, time management, and the art of critical thinking. 


The MM dance classes compliment the stage productions for the drama component.  With most of MM stage productions being musical theater pieces, it's a perfect world to have dancers in the stage productions come from the MM dance team. Dance sessions improve fitness, stamina, and discipline with focus on utilizing one’s body as an instrument for communication and self expression. MM dance instructors use the art of dance to instill the significance of teamwork, focus, technique, poise, and rhythm. 


MM instructors are professional artist who introduce students to various genres of music. Our instructors focus on a variety of technical basics we believe young artists need to carry a long a prosperous career. These include: breath control along with knowledge of range, pitch and harmony.

Actors Club

Actors club brings together NY based actors to strengthen their skills, broaden their network, and support each other through drama techniques and buisness strageties to elevate professional actors who are new to the industry. As well as providing a space for our seasoned actors to return and stay sharp through productions.


Camp Talent is a fun filled summer program with a heavy focus on talent development!  Each day consist of physical exercises, summer reading, drama, dance and vocal classes.  Every Thursday is a fun day!


 Camp Summer Intensive  is for the serious young aspiring who wants to seriously pursue a career in entertainment in front or behind the camera.  The intensive actors work on their professional skills of auditioning, scene study, and more.     

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