Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard!


Moving Mountain's acting classes are taught by professional working actors.   Drama is the foundation on which MM was built, and it remains to be the heart of the organization.  The theatre team aims to instill skills and habits that can be applied in theatre, film, and television.  Focal points of our rigorous training are: monologue character development, improv, scene study, script analysis, communication skills, the significance of commitment, ambitious behavioral patterns, teamwork, individuality, time management, and the art of critical thinking. What makes Moving Mountains so special is that what we practice is not only applicable to success in the entertainment industry, but essential to success in life itself.  We develop great character actors, we’re also developing great character in the youth. 


The MM dance classes compliment the stage productions for the drama component.  With most of MM stage productions being musical theater pieces, it's a perfect world to have dancers in the stage productions come from the MM dance team.  Dance sessions improve fitness, stamina, and discipline with focus on utilizing one’s body as an instrument for communication and expression.   MM dance instructors utilizes the art of dance to instill the significance of teamwork, focus, technique, poise, and rhythm. 


MM instructors are professional vocal coaches who introduce students to the various genres of music.  Vocal classes focus on breathing techniques, range, pitch, harmony and performance.  Vocal, like dance also compliments the musical stage performances produced by the drama department.  Outstanding students are also selected for outside performance opportunities and studio recording sessions.


Photography / film class provides an understanding of cameras, how to properly identify the right lens for specific shots, proper framing for a shot, and how to utilize organic and inorganic lighting.   The film team also works in conjunction with the drama team, using the young actors to practice headshot techniques, gain experiences with lighting and sound by filming monologues, short scenes and short films.

Camp Talent

Provides a fun and enriching summer program for kids from 6 to 14 years old. Each day is filled with summer reading, drama, dance, vocal, crafts classes, and weekly trips.



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