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Moving Mountains Movements

Welcome to Mountain Movements

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If you don't know about us yet. Welcome! For over 15 years Moving Mountains has been assisting inner city youth throughout New York City. Striving to help develop the character needed to further themselves not only as students and future artists, but also as leaders of our communities. With a secondary focus on character development we understand obstacles may come across our students through their individual journeys that may create hesitation, or anxiety to pursue their happiest dreams. Therefore empowering our youth with confidence in themselves, and their skills, with resource and work ethic. Students leave Moving Mountains with enough confidence and a skill set handy to use in their future career fields.

We are constantly growing. Make sure you continue to support us in making our stamp in the community.

Moving Mountains is an arts focused organization used to help foster the necessary skills needed to become trained professionals in the field of the entertainment. With our training, many of our alum and current participants have ascertained the prerequisites needed to become members of the Screen Actors Guild.

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