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Beginning our fall semester in September. The Moving Mountains goal was to build on the basic techniques of Drama, Dance and Vocal into our new incoming registrants. A basic technique we build on in Drama for example is improvisation. To execute or arrange a scene or dialogue without any previous preparation. Not only implying the known all "yes and" rule, but placing students in real world scenarios where improv would be a skillset noticeably impressive on any set or production. Once we got started, we were astonished by the amount of people that registered to join. Many faces that entered were new and old, coming back to make new relationships and build on the ones they started before 2020 Covid put us all behind our computers and mobile devices. We made September our evaluation month to track our students skills and provide them with the necessary training that would be the most beneficial for them.


Once evaluation month ended, we began our Actors Club. Actors Club is a safe space for artists of all ages. To sharpen their skill in their craft while collaborating and networking around similar artists with the same goal. Many of our participants are industry working performers that come back to a place where they can build their skills, getting feedback on performances along with tips and tricks that may get them closer to their next job. While beginning Actors Club, evaluated students were separated into class groups based on skill and growth observed from the beginning. Character study being the first topic of discussion. Monologues were given to students to memorize and perform in from of there peers. A monologue is a speech presented by a single character, most often to express their thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience.


The season of giving, at the same time it was Moving Mountains season of filming. Throughout the month of November, as classes were ongoing students memorized their monologs while building their skills in character development in preparation to be selected to go on film for our February showcase. Themed "Black Excellence in the Arts", students will perform iconic historical pieces on camera to showcase their skill to Moving Mountains supporters and audience. Back to the season of giving. Through our support with CIBC US. We were given the opportunity to build our financial knowledge and literacy with industry greats. CIBC U.S. provides tailored commercial, wealth management, personal, and small business financial solutions, as well as cross-border banking services to clients with North American operations. Every year, on the first Wednesday in December, CIBC Capital Marketsteam and CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisors donate their fees and commissions to help kids in need. We loved to be apart and we will definitely be there next year!


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