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15th Annual GALA


The atmosphere at the 15th Annual Moving Mountains Gala was nothing short of electrifying as the event commenced with the harmonious voices of Moving Mountains students singing Cynthia Erivo's powerful anthem, "Stand Up." The stage was set for an evening of celebration, inspiration, and generosity. Angela Yee, the renowned American radio personality and current host of syndicated radio show "Way Up", took the reins as the esteemed host for the 15th Annual Gala.

The organization’s founder, actor Jamie Hector, took to the stage to share heartfelt words about the young artists at Moving Mountains, highlighting their dedication and creativity that continues to inspire everyone around them including himself. The essence of nurturing children and the vital role of parental guidance were eloquently presented by the esteemed Pastor AR Bernard, who also gratified the organization with a generous donation to support their mission.

In a touching video presentation, the Moving Mountains youth and parents spoke about the organization's profound impact on the lives of countless youths, giving viewers a glimpse into the transformative power of art and mentorship. A Moving Mountains alumnus now instructor, Dèon Ragin graced the stage, delivering a moving speech about how Jamie, the founder, had profoundly influenced his life and how the organization had positively shaped his journey.

Next up, founder Jamie Hector with actor and Moving Mountains board member Michael Raymond James, well known from his work in "Once Upon a Time", "True Blood", "Godfather of Harlem" engaged the audience with a skit highlighting the importance of donations and how every contribution makes a significant impact on the organization's ability to empower youth. Attika J Torrence, Emmy nominated producer/author and Moving Mountains board member delivered a powerful speech emphasizing where and how the charitable donations are spent in fueling Moving Mountains' mission of creating a brighter future for children in need.

The gala's spotlight then shifted to the talented Moving Mountains students, who showcased their artistic brilliance with a mesmerizing dance performance. A thought-provoking skit about PTSD as it relates to todays youth, followed by a soulful solo that left the audience spellbound, showcasing the students' remarkable creativity and emotional depth.

Geoffrey Canada, distinguished founder of "The Harlems Children Zone", and a dedicated supporter of Moving Mountains, took the stage to share his reasons for supporting Jamie's unwavering dedication to the organization's cause. Mr. Canada's speech served as a reminder of the profound impact that one individual can have in shaping the lives of many.

Denim Robertson, a Moving Mountains student, actor seen in showtimes hit show Power Book one and Bull. Passionately spoke about the struggles faced by today's youth and how Moving Mountains offers them a sanctuary, allowing them to escape from their hardships even momentarily, offering hope for a brighter future.

The gala took a moment to recognize the achievements of senior students who displayed exceptional commitment and dedication. These bright young minds were awarded $2,500 in scholarships to support their continued education, paving the way for their future success.

Actor Hisham Tawfiq then introduced NBA Hall of Famer and Honoree of the nights Gala, John Starks. Mr. Starks shared his own experiences and importance of providing support and mentorship to young individuals as they navigate through life's challenges.

As the evening drew to a close, Angela Yee delivered closing statements, expressing her gratitude to everyone present for their support and generosity. The 15th Annual Moving Mountains Gala was a resounding success, celebrating the organization's achievements and reaffirming their commitment to empowering youth and inspiring change.

The 15th Annual Moving Mountains Gala was a night filled with hope, inspiration, and gratitude. From the empowering performances to the heartfelt speeches, the event served as a testament to the life-changing work that Moving Mountains continues to carry out. As the organization looks toward the future, they are fortified by the support of their community and inspired by generous support from individuals and corporations that brings them closer to moving mountains in the lives of youth.

Major supporters of the nights event THANK YOU!

  • Dr. AR Bernard & Pastor Karen Bernard

  • Geoffrey & Yvonne Canada

  • Michael & Sukey Novogratz

  • Bret Weiner

  • Angela Yee

  • Melvin Norris

  • Mr. Douglass Durst

  • David Fontanilla

  • Jeff Mayerson

  • Eric Price

  • Morgan Stanley

  • Two Trees Management

  • Risk Strageties

  • Aisha Hinds

  • Amy Aquino & Drew McCoy

  • Jacqui Williams

  • Michael Raymond James

  • Arkell Cox

  • Peter Borish

  • Hisham Tawfiq

  • Troy & Tommi Vincent

  • Michael Haggen

  • Rich Daveney


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