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The mission of  Moving Mountains is to develop skills, talents, and abilities in youth while building character.

With Faith, We Can Move Mountains

Moving Mountains Inc. is a 501c3, nonprofit theater-based youth organization founded in 2007 by actor/director Jamie Hector.


Their primary purpose is to provide inner-city youth with a safe place to develop their talents and pursue their dreams while building character.  Moving Mountains provides professional training and positive outlets for youth. Helping the next generation overcome obstacles that seem mountainous


This performing arts collective is free to all its attendees. Several of the alumni are currently working on television, in movies, on stage, and behind the scenes on the highest level.


Our practice is not only applicable to success in the entertainment industry but essential to success in life itself.  We develop great character actors, while also developing great character in our youth. 

Students participate in original films and stage productions gaining real world entertainment industry experience.
Uneraseable follows the story of Torie. A bright student who is eager to make friends and fit in at her modern day high school. She's highly intelligent and for this reason Tammy, her classmate, invites her over to work on a group math project. What she didn't know was that Tammy has more than schoolwork planned. When they are joined by more of Tammy's friends Torie tries to stay focused, but the excitement of feeling included in a world where she's usually alone gets the better of her. Torie joins in the party, but she's not prepared for what happens next and she will never be able to forget it. 

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