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Moving Mountains’ drama classes are taught exclusively by professional actors who are actively engaged in the entertainment industry. Our dedicated team is committed to instilling in students a comprehensive skill set and a repertoire of valuable habits that can be effectively applied across the domains of theater, film, and television. Within our esteemed drama department, we emphasize a multitude of focal points, such as character development through the immersive exploration of monologues, improvisation, scene study, and script analysis. By delving into these creative exercises, students gain a profound understanding of the intricacies of crafting and portraying compelling characters, thereby nurturing their artistic growth.

Moreover, our drama curriculum places great emphasis on cultivating effective communication skills, recognizing their vital role in the performing arts. Through the lens of commitment, ambition, teamwork, individuality, time management, and the art of critical thinking, students learn to transcend the boundaries of verbal and non-verbal expression, thus enriching their ability to engage and connect with their audience. These essential skills not only foster artistic collaboration but also serve as a strong foundation for personal and professional growth beyond the realm of acting.

With our stage productions, Moving Mountains dance classes serve as a complement to our drama component. Given that the majority of our stage productions consist of musical theater pieces, the presence of skilled dancers from the MM dance team adds an extra layer of professional performance. Dance sessions not only build physical fitness and stamina but also instill discipline and focus in our students. Emphasizing the body as an instrument for communication and self-expression, our dance instructors skillfully teach the significance of teamwork, technical proficiency, poise, and rhythm. Through this approach, students acquire a well-rounded understanding of the performing arts, both as individuals and components of a larger production.

Furthermore, at Moving Mountains, we take pride in our instructors' expertise as professional artists, who introduce students to a diverse array of music genres. Recognizing the importance of strong technical foundations, our instructors focus on equipping young artists with the essential building blocks necessary for a prosperous career. This includes imparting knowledge and honing skills such as breath control, range mastery, pitch accuracy, and harmonization. By delving into these technical aspects, students gain a solid musical grounding, enabling them to explore their artistic potential and pursue their passion with confidence and competence.

Moving Mountains does not limit student’s artistic endeavors to just the performance arts, but also has art extension classes where students can explore their creativity as a performer through other artistic mediums. Here at Moving Mountains, we recognize the intersections between


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