Jamie Hector was first known for his role of Marlo Stanfield on HBO's critically acclaimed series The  Wire. He can now be seen on Amazon Prime's hit series Bosch as Detective Jerry Edgar, Alonso Creem on The Strain, Devon Finch on Queen of the South, or Corporal Arthur Solomon on Quarry. Although Jamie has a knack for landing the villain roles on the small and big screens, his favorite role, is the one he plays as Founder of Moving Mountains Inc., a 501(c)3 that services inner city youth. 

Jamie Hector & Clive Owen

With Jamie Hector at the forefront of this organization, additional industry professionals and celebrity personalities were eager to come on board as mentors and contributors. Moving Mountains provides a sense of family, community, academic support and holistic development in a structured creative curriculum.


Alongside Alaine Roberson, they have a combined 30 years of youth development and theater/film industry experience among them. The organization provides access and opportunity for participants to learn the creative and corporate sides of the Arts, as well as, develop themselves into productive citizens.

At Moving Mountains, we believe that the arts are an effective medium to educate and empower young people to make wise choices and overcome adversity.

The Public School system mandates that every child must participate in a minimum of six fire drills per year. This means that from Kindergarten through twelfth grade each child will take part in 90 fire drills by the time he or she reaches graduation status. 

The likelihood of there actually being a fire in any given school building is very low being that so many precautions are taken and that the buildings are designed to be fireproof.

These same children, however, will undoubtedly encounter enticing invitations to drugs, violence, promiscuity, and overall peer pressure, and may make decisions that can seriously affect their future. 

We use our dramatic productions to reenact real-life scenarios, and provide young people with multiple alternatives, in order to equip them with the ability to adapt, improvise and overcome, in any adverse situations that they may encounter in their daily lives. 

We are proud to say for the past 10 years, this methodology has produced amazing results. We have a 100% graduation rate and 100% have gone on to college.

Moving Mountains motivates inner-city youth, to attach importance to their artistic goals by providing intensive training in all areas of entertainment and then spotlighting their development through dramatic productions. Simultaneously, providing them with positive alternatives to the gangs, violence and substance abuse that plague inner-city schools and communities.


  • Taking Chance will screen in the Haiti Film Fest in May 2017.

  • Participated in New York University's 2016 Purple List.

  • Participated in Columbia University's  Partnership Production in 2016.

  • Winner of the 2015 Best Short Film - Audience Award at Urbanworld Film Festival

  • Proclamation awarded by Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams

  • Proclamation awarded by former Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowtiz

  • Proclamation awarded by former Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer

  • Moving Mountains, through RA Management, has placed youth in current running Television and Film projects, providing real world exposure and opportunity for SAG membership

  • The success of the youth placement program has been lauded by industry insiders, CBO's and  Prevention/Intervention programs