At Moving Mountains, we believe that the arts are an effective medium to educate and empower young people to make wise choices and overcome adversity.


The Public School system mandates that every child must participate in a minimum of six fire drills per year. This means that from K-12th grade, each child will take part in 90 fire drills by graduation. The likelihood, however of there actually being a fire in any given school building is very low, due to so many precautions being taken, and the buildings being fireproof. Unfortunately, these same children will undoubtedly encounter enticing invitations to drugs, violence, promiscuity, and overall peer pressure, and may make decisions that can seriously affect their futures. We use our dramatic productions to re-enact real-life scenarios and provide young people with multiple alternatives. This equips them with the ability to adapt, improvise and overcome, in any adverse situation that they may encounter in their daily lives. 

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We are proud to say that for the past 10 years, our methodology has produced amazing results. We have a 100% graduation rate, and 100% of our graduates have gone on to college. Moving Mountains motivates inner-city youth, to attach importance to their artistic goals by providing intensive training in all areas of entertainment and then spotlighting their development through dramatic productions. Simultaneously, providing them with positive alternatives to the gangs, violence and substance abuse that plague inner-city schools and communities.