Moving Mountains Inc. Theater Ensemble

Moving Mountains Inc. is comprised of young actors, actresses, singers, dancers, writers and musicians, committed to exposing the serious social issues confronting their peers.

By utilizing original scripts with strong positive messages attached, Moving Mountains Inc. theater productions are able to promote to young audiences the importance of making good choices, and exposes the dangers of choosing to be a part of any negative actions such as, substance abuse, bullies, cyber bullies, gang affiliation, violence, etc.  

Moving Mountains Inc. can now reach audiences outside of New York with short films starring Moving Mountains Inc. professional drama cast.    

The Professional Performing Co.

The Professional Performing Co. is comprised of the senior members of The Theater Ensemble.  This highly trained group of young actors audition for and book work on TV and film.  Their original productions target NYC schools for live performances which address specific needs within each school's population.

They are trained to address smaller audiences within schools with focus on the specific problems such as bullies, sexting, cyber bullying and internet beef, as well as, poor choices regarding education, relationships and friends.

Smaller productions are followed by a discussion with the student audience. The results are amazing!

For more information contact the Moving Mountains Inc. office or email us at