Mentorship and Outreach are ongoing.  Participants are assigned to mentors, or partner organizations by request to assist with the support he or she may need to be successful academically, and in any other area of their personal lives that they may be struggling with.

MMInc. Youth Advocates keep an open invitation to all participants for a confidential adult ear that will give the best possible guidance or a referral to a professional service to meet the individual's needs, as well as, follow up.  These services are open to all youth and not limited to MMInc. members. 


In the past year this component has addressed issues which were mostly academic; such as tutoring, redirecting into High School/registration, school transfers, internships and mentorship placement, GED and college/financial aid applications. In addition youth were in need of and assisted with, referrals to legal assistance, health issues, and counseling services. Weekly activities are held at the Medgar Evers College Campus in Brooklyn, NY. Major event locations are acquired through partnerships, rentals or donations; we utilize such spaces as LIU'S Kumble Theater, The Brooklyn Museum, Medgar Evers College, Mount Morris Dance Studios and Dungeon Beach Recording Studios.